• Type: string

  • Required: No

  • Default value: undefined

  • Purpose: Used to set a dynamic publicPath. Once set, the corresponding remote module resources will also use this publicPath. For instance, if the deployed project dynamically serves a cdn_prefix, getPublicPath can be set to return "https:" + window.navigator.cdn_host + "/resource/app/".

  • Example:

In the example below, getPublicPath is set. When other consumers load this provider, the code for getPublicPath will be executed using new Function to obtain the return value. The content of the return value will be used as the publicPath prefix for the static resources of the module.


getPublicPath Must be a function as a string.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new ModuleFederation({
      name: 'provider',
      exposes: {
        './Button': './src/components/Button.tsx',
      // ...
      getPublicPath: `function() {return "https:" + window.navigator.cdn_host + "/resource/app/"}`,