Configuration Overview

The current page lists all the configuration options for Module Federation. Please refer to the documentation for Rspack Plugin and Webpack Plugin to understand how to use them.

type ModuleFederationOptions = {
  // Name for module federation
  name: string;
  // Name for the remoteEntry file
  filename?: string;
  // Configuration for remote modules and entry information in module federation
  remotes?: Array<RemoteInfo>;
  // module federation expose module information
  exposes?: PluginExposesOptions;
  // Shared dependency configuration
  shared?: ShareInfos;
  // Dynamic publicPath
  getPublicPath?: string;
  // Runtime plugins
  runtimePlugins?: Array<string>;
  // The runtime implementation to use
  implementation?: string;
  // manifest configuration
  manifest?: boolean | PluginManifestOptions;
  // control page liveReload and types hot reload
  dev?: boolean | PluginDevOptions;
  // control types
  dts?: boolean | PluginDtsOptions;